The Benefits of an Active Retirement Lifestyle

Retirement can be an exciting and liberating experience, allowing you to finally focus on your own interests and passions. But it’s important to remember that just because you’re no longer working doesn’t mean you have to give up being active! There are countless benefits to staying active throughout your retirement years, from physical health and wellness to mental stimulation and socialization. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why it’s important to stay active during retirement.

Physical Health & Wellness

The most obvious benefit of staying active during retirement is physical health and wellness. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining overall health, strength, and balance – all of which will help keep seniors independent longer. Exercise can improve heart health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, control weight gain, and even prevent age-related decline in muscle mass. Furthermore, regular exercise can improve mood, boost energy levels, reduce stress levels, and even help preserve brain function.

Mental Stimulation

Staying physically active is only one of the ways to remain sharp mentally during retirement years; activities like learning a new language or skill or joining a book club can also provide mental stimulation. Physical activity helps promote cognitive function by increasing oxygen flow to the brain and keeping neural pathways open for better communication between neurons. This helps improve memory recall as well as problem solving skills needed for everyday life tasks.


Continuing to interact with others is another great way for seniors to stay active both mentally and physically while in retirement. Taking part in recreational activities like golfing or walking groups can help retirees stay connected with others while promoting healthy living habits. Staying socially connected not only has numerous physical benefits but also helps combat loneliness which could be an issue for seniors who live far away from family members.

Retirement should be a time when you get to focus on yourself – your own passions, hobbies, interests! Fortunately, Edgemere is the perfect place to do just that. At this community, residents enjoy all manner of physical exercise, mental stimulation and socialization. From on-site classes and lectures to downtown excursions and volunteer outings, there’s always something going on at Edgemere. Daily group fitness classes are available, or residents can create their own workouts in a fully modern fitness center or indoor heated pool. The community putting green is also a favorite spot. At Edgemere, residents have the freedom to rekindle an old hobby or pick up a new skill like painting in one of our regularly scheduled community classes or honing your green thumb in our greenhouse and herb garden. Whatever your interests and wishes for your retirement, Edgemere is the right spot for you if you’re seeking the right combination of five-star amenities and abundant opportunities to remain active for many years to come.