February 17, 2021 Winter Weather Notice

To our Edgemere Residents, Family Members, and Team Members:

The winter storm across all of Texas has been difficult for everyone impacted by this very large weather system. We hope that our residents’ family members who live outside of the community are safe and as comfortable as can be in these record-breaking temperatures.

We want to assure you that our residents’ safety and comfort remain our top priority. Edgemere, like senior living operators across the state, is facing extraordinary challenges in providing normal service operations to our residents.

Edgemere has implemented the following emergency actions for our community:

  • As part of our emergency plan, Edgemere has three generators to provide limited power when the electricity goes out. This power supports limited lighting and medical equipment. Our team continually works to secure sustainable fuel sources to keep the generators running for as long as needed.
  • We have established a warming space in the Plaza as our generators are unable to provide heat to our entire community. All Edgemere residents are welcome to come to this space to warm up.
  • We have extended our daily room service to include all meals, and our team members complete daily wellness checks throughout the community to ensure our residents’ needs are met.
  • Our phones and Wi-Fi access are also on the electrical system. Team members are being asked to refrain from using their phones so they can preserve the batteries for emergency use. We are unable to keep pace with the deluge of messages. We kindly ask for your patience in this matter and keep phone calls and messages for emergency use at this time.
  • Residents are encouraged to charge their phones as soon as the power turns on so they can reach their family members.
  • The Edgemere property crosses two electrical power grids. While one part of the community may have power, the other may not. This is not under our control.
  • As the temperatures begin to rise, we ask residents and team members to be alert to water leaks in their homes and in the community. The sooner we can address any broken pipes, the better.

We know it can be uncomfortable to be without heat for any amount of time in this weather. Some Independent Living residents have chosen to stay with nearby family members that have more consistent power supply and we will support you in doing this any way we can. Our Plaza residents are encouraged to stay within the community as we are able to meet their needs despite the electrical crisis. In the event a Plaza resident needs additional care, we will transport them to local hospitals for support, as is our normal practice for our skilled nursing area.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we face a winter storm unlike anything we’ve seen before. Please be assured we are doing all we can to ensure your safety.

Thank you.