We’re happy to say our situation at the Edgemere community continues to improve.

We are getting consistent heating throughout the community at this time. The HVAC company that was on site yesterday addressed multiple issues, but if you find any changes in your comfort level, please let the Concierge know.

We have not had any additional water lines burst in the last 24 hours. However, we must still remain alert and vigilant to any ruptures or leaks in the days to come as the interior walls of the buildings continue to warm up.

The restoration crew will continue their work at the community for the next few weeks to come. They will work between the hours of 9AM to 6PM. We do apologize for any noise that may result from this work.

The sprinkler company is expected to return in the next few days to finish repairs. Unfortunately, anytime the sprinkler system is worked on, this often triggers the alarms to go off. We will do our best to keep these alarms at a minimum, but want you to be aware of what to expect.

Our Plaza continues to be fully operational and our residents there are comfortable and safe.

Please remember:

  • If you experience any issues with heating, pipes, water damage, etc., please notify our concierge desk.
  • Masks must continue to be worn throughout the community for your protection against the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding this past week. It has been difficult for everyone and your grace and caring certainly helps us all get through as we work to return Edgemere to full operations.

Thank you.