Top-of-the-line Life Care services in Dallas, TX

Life looks better with a plan in place.

As the original Life Care community in Dallas, Edgemere provides a true tradition of lifetime care. Infusing intention into everything we do is in our very foundation, from the work of our passionate team members to the carefully crafted programming of our 5-Star health services.

And with the unwavering reassurance of care that’s always by your side, you can rest easy knowing a move to Edgemere is the only move you’ll ever need to make. Here, you’ll be protected and supported by the best-in-class benefits of Edgemere’s Life Care services, which include:

  • We offer a variety of entrance fee refundability - 0%, 70% and 90%
  • Guaranteed priority access to a full continuum of high-quality assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehab
  • Monthly costs that don’t come with surprises, even if needs change
  • Significant savings on rising medical care costs, compared to the open market
  • Potential tax benefits, as certain fees can qualify as prepaid medical expenses
  • If you outlive your resources for reasons outside your control and are unable to pay your monthly fee, you won’t be forced to leave. In addition, you’ll still be entitled to priority access to our health care, and your children won’t be saddled with the financial burden. See our Residency Agreement for details

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